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My Six Month Blogiversary

Well that’s it folks, the first half of 2017 is in the books. I can’t believe how fast 2017 is going and at this pace it’ll soon be fall. Since we’re now in the second half of the year, July marks the 6 month blogiversary of my blog, Financial Fixation. This week’s post is a way for me to reflect on how the first six months of blogging is going as well as announce some goals for the 2nd half of the year.

When I set out to blogging in early January I really didn’t have a plan. I knew I enjoyed writing and I knew that I enjoyed personal finance. Combining the two into a personal finance blog seemed logical. I figured I’d write a few blog posts, use social media some to advertise the next big thing, and then let Google take it from there and propel my site into the blog Hall of Fame. Boy was I wrong. The truth is that blogging is very difficult and quite time consuming. With hundreds of personal finance blogs in existence it’s tough to differentiate yourself from others. I’ve read that content is king but I never fully understood that until I took to writing. Due to the volume of blogs on the web it’s critical to provide visitors with quality, relevant content to keep them coming back. The good news is that I try to make every post valuable to readers and will continue to do so. Over the last couple of months I’ve seen a surge in visitors. Check it out below and see how total visitors in May and June have greatly outnumbered the earlier months.

When I wrote my goals down for 2017, in addition to simply starting a blog, one of my goals was to have ten posts during the year. I can proudly say that I achieved this goal and then some, posting a total of 21 times during the first half of the year. I’ve enjoyed writing all of my posts and have also enjoyed the research that goes into each post. One particular post stands out as far as bringing visitors from search engines. You can read that post here. Other than that post all others have been fairly average in terms of how many visitors come check out the site. One encouraging sign is that the time spent on the site has increased dramatically since April, hopefully showing that people are checking out various posts rather than just the one they came for.

So, without further ado I thought I’d summarize how my first six months went for blogging.

The Good

  • June marked my highest visitor count for a single month – totaling 805 unique visits!

  • 455 Twitter Followers as of 7/1/2017 (Thank you all!)

  • 66% of visitors are due to organic search

  • Several companies/individuals contacted me regarding business collaborations

  • One guest post was submitted to Financial Fixation

The Bad

  • Only 6% of visitors are due to social media

  • One post accounts for nearly 80% of all visitors to Financial Fixation

  • Site design could still use some work

Looking above at the good and the bad it should be clear that there is substantial room for improvement during the 2nd half of 2017. Social media is almost a non-factor in directing people to my site. I went into blogging with the mindset that I wouldn’t use my existing Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram accounts to try to draw visitors to the site. I’ve used Twitter some but still don’t rely on it too much. I know that this is how many bloggers initially draw people, but I wanted to go more of the anonymous route. My goal is to build a blog that can draw people to the site using Google and Bing search engines. If my content is good enough then this should be a non-issue.

Now that I am more knowledgeable (slightly) on blogging I thought I’d detail some goals for the second half of the year:

Write 20 posts – As long as I keep up the current pace this shouldn’t be too difficult. I have plenty of ideas for new blog posts, it’s mainly just finding the time to research and post them.

Achieve a 12% compounded growth rate in visitors per month – This equates to doubling the number of visitors and having roughly 1,600 visitors come to the site in the month of December. This should be achievable, especially if I can keep up with my other goals listed.

Hit 700 Twitter followers – As mentioned above, the world of personal finance blogs is large. I’d like to get to know more of the bloggers and use this as an outlet to also get my blog noticed by others. #AddMe @fin_fixation

Start an Instagram and Pinterest account specifically for Financial Fixation – This is probably one of the first things many bloggers do but I’ve been putting it off for reasons mentioned above. The 2nd half of 2017 is a great time to do this and should help me bring additional visitors to the site.

Create several search-worthy posts – As mentioned earlier one post stands out as far as bringing visitors to the site. Seeing how important it is to land on Google’s first page in searches, I plan to write several additional posts which could land me on it. To do this I will try to focus on long tail keywords and satisfy a niche market within personal finance.

Create a great logo – Every great site needs a great logo right?!

If I’m able to achieve the goals listed above I think it’ll be a very successful, and enjoyable, 2nd half to 2017. As with most things in life I’ve found that consistency is key, it will be all about sticking with it. Some ideas that I have for future posts include looking at how much people should have saved by age, commenting on net worth amounts by specific groups, and determining what the proper asset allocation is for the upcoming moves in the market (think defensive portfolio). I would like to focus a little bit more on retirement planning and ways to reach financial independence so expect more posts on those topics as well.

After seeing the good, the bad, and the upcoming goals what are your thoughts on the first six months? As always feel free to email me any ideas you have, or comment below.

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