Ross is a millennial since birth, consumer turned saver, and has been fixated with numbers since he was a little boy. As he grew up he became increasingly fixated with personal finance as his interest in investments and the future value of money was piqued. Professionally Ross has held a variety of roles within business, particularly finance, including high frequency trading, corporate finance, and business analytics. This experience, along with an increased desire of achieving financial independence, has culminated into the development of Financial Fixation.

Financial Fixation is a new blog for everything personal finance related. Here Ross shares ideas for how a person can better their personal savings game, accumulate wealth, and possibly even exit the good old rat race.

When Ross isn't fully fixated on finance he enjoys snowboarding, jogging, and hiking.

**Ross is not a financial advisor. This blog is for entertainment purposes only and is not a recommendation to buy or sell any investments. Please seek out a registered financial advisor for specific investment strategies for your own situation.  

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